About preliminaries and pre-departure stress

Here we go again! My third long trip since 2001. I guess you can call me a ‘habitual offender’.  The seed of this trip was actually planted during my last trip. As some of you know, in 2006, I was forced to cut my ‘round the world trip’ short due to serious Illness. As I’m not a fan of unfinished business it was written in the stars that I would someday make another attempt to ‘circumvent our planet’.

Quite a lot has happened since that last trip.  But now six years later, I’m about to go for it again and  I am very happy to have found someone who wants to accompany me on this trip…well the biggest part of the trip at least.  That will probably be the biggest difference with my last trip. Actually it will be strange to travel solo again for a while. Ever since 2006, I have hardly travelled solo.  Either I was on the road as a tour leader with a bunch people or just with my girl.

As for the big questions: “Why are you doing this?”, “What are you trying to achieve?” or “What will you do when you get back?”  or the practical questions: “Do you have all your hotels booked? ”, “How did you plan your route?” or “Are you on an organized trip?” , I’m sure we will have plenty of time to discuss those in the coming months.

For those of you who were with me on my previous long trip the following might sound very familiar.  It’s D(eparture)-day minus 4 and I’m starting to get pretty excited /nervous about the whole thing. I have had it before. Every trip whether it’s for 2 weeks or for 6 months, I’m asking myself why the hell I do this to myself. Why do I leave my perfectly comfortable life behind to go wander around in some godforsaken countries.  Actually it hasn’t been too bad so far. As I’m working full time until the day before departure. I just haven’t had the time to stress much but I’ve got a feeling that it will kick-in the next couple of days. It’s all the same though once I’m on the plane I’ll realize why I’m doing this.

One thing I had to promise to my mom was to ‘stay safe’. Though I don’t think I usually do extremely crazy stuff, I will do my best to stay clear of crashing busses and avoid extended stays in foreign hospitals this time.

Through this website we will try to keep you all updated on our ‘adventures’ on the road . Typically on travelblogs these ‘travel reports’ tend to be long and detailed in the beginning but often after some time the entries are more like “I’m in X and I’m alive’. Last time I was able to keep things going. We will see what happens this time. If you wish to be kept up to date and receive an email alert when new posts are published, you can subscribe in the menu on the right. Anyway we like to hear from you while we are out there. So send us or post your thoughts, comments and questions! And spread the word! Share it, post it, tweet it and whatever it!

Talk to you soon!

3 thoughts on “About preliminaries and pre-departure stress

  1. Hey,
    Veel plezier! Laat me vooral veel meegenieten en doe gewoon verder met me te inspireren.. en voor je ‘t weet ben ik ook weer vertrokken.

  2. Green, green with envy.
    Someone I met on the same trip I met you is in Africa. Let me know if you want to contact him for advice.
    I live vicariously through you while I save for my own next trip.
    Safe travels!

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