Happy 2014 !!! Let’s skip the winter! … the book is better than the movie !!!!

First things first: we would like to wish all our blog readers all the best for  2014. May all your travel and other wishes get fulfilled!
So it has been 6 months since we got back from our trip around the world and we are back right in the middle of the season we managed to escape last year.
To get through these dark winter days and keep the memories of our trip alive, Caroline has compiled our stories and more than 500 pictures in a book that she offered to me as a Christmas present. I loved it! Since then we had quite some people asking us if they could order a copy. So we decided to publish the book online.
So you have not had the chance to check all our stories on the blog and you would like to read them at your ease on your Ipad, e reader.  or in old school paper version.  Here’s your chance!
You can have a sneak pre view of the book by clicking the image below!!!
You can either download an e book version for Ipad or a PDF version for other tablets and e readers. Both go for around 9 Euro (depending on the VAT in the billing country).
If you are interested in getting a full color printed version, get in touch with us. Our first print is nearly sold out. However if we can get some volume we should be able to get you a copy for 35 Euro (VAT included).
If you just want to dream away, looking back at some of our personal highlights of 8 months on the road, you can check out this movie we made for our family New Year get together:
Jan & Caro

4 thoughts on “Happy 2014 !!! Let’s skip the winter! … the book is better than the movie !!!!

  1. Prachtig! prachtig ! en wat een teamwerk ginds en hier. Zo’n reis en deze uitlopers ervan zijn een gedroomde mega-droomrealisatie om u tegen te zeggen, van de bovenste plank! (ik kon niet kiezen in de superlatieven…)
    Ik heb het filmke al 3 keer gezien; nog 7 te gaan… en het boek ligt op mijn “houden voor altijd”-schapje te blinken… met 2 mooie opdrachten erin.
    dikke knuffel mamaroos

  2. Hi Jan

    When I told you that you should write a book because your prose is really beautiful, I do not expected you to read so fast.

    I hurried to purchase the PDF to finally have the opportunity to read your whole adventure, thanks to you two, I’ll still dream a lot of hours …. thank you very much.


  3. Really great!
    Bravo pour les photos, le livre, le film…Top
    Cela me rappelle quelques souvenirs, .. et donne envie de repartir


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